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Unbeetable Forage Only Blend

Unbeetable Feeds

Alfalfa + Beet Pulp + Flax Seed OilUnbeetable Forage Only Blend

  • Forage only. No grain included. Yet still high-energy, low-sugar and easily digestible fermentable fiber
  • Clean and natural – three simple, high-powered ingredients (alfalfa, beet pulp and flaxseed oil)
  • Will fulfill nearly all energy and nutritional requirements of high-performance horses “as is” without further feed or supplements.
  • Can replace corn and/or other grain-based equine feeds at a cost-effective price without heating up your horse(s)
  • Alfalfa: Easily-digestible protein and energy from forage in a pellet that delivers consistent quality and nutrition
  • Beet pulp: Low starch/sugar energy (roughly same as oats) but as a forage-based, easily digestible fiber rather than grain
  • Flaxseed oil included; Omega-3 adds cool burning fuel while supporting healthy skin add coat as well as gastric and muscle health.
  • Pellet is 11/64ths in diameter – easier to chew than standard equine pellets – no soaking required along with reduced choke risk.
  • By adding a ration balancer/multi-vitamin, “Unbeetable” becomes a complete feed – additional hay/forage needs are reduced if not eliminated.

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