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999 Fifth Ave. Suite 560
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Month: February 2023

Unbeetable Feeds

Myths & Truths

There’s an ongoing myth that feeding unsoaked beet pulp pellets can cause your horse’s stomach to rupture, as adding water to dried pulp causes it to increase in size. But, not to worry: unsoaked beet pulp pellets will not cause your…

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Stomach Ulcers

Great information on stomach ulcers in horses did you also know that beet pulp is a great ulcer prevention too! Studies have shown that diets with lower starch amounts such as Midwest Agri Beet Pulp Pellets have been linked in lowering…

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Rising Hay Prices

Do rising hay prices have you considering other feed options? When it comes to goats, Unbeetable Feeds beet pulp makes an excellent addition to other forage foods. Not only is it okay for your goats to eat beet pulp, but it’s…

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